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Hello, I’m Jaime, I’m based in Nice (France) and I help entrepreneurs, startups, collectives and small business owners improve their performance to reach the impact they want.

Here’s a few things I’m extremely good at:

  • Can help you create a business that no longer depends on you putting more and more hours to keep everything running
  • Can help you no longer get overwhelmed by your business by working smarter, not harder.
  • Can improve your performance by 2 to 4 times (and probably more) in 3 months by setting up systems and focus on the tasks that have the most added value for your business.
  • Can help you negotiate and justify higher rates by establishing win-win relationships with your clients
  • Can help you avoid mistakes that will cost you a lot of money and time to figure out on your own

Testimonials about my work

Ideas For Change: “I would definitely recommend Jaime’s service, the ratio result to time spent is tremendous.”

Upcyclick: “Jaime helped us improve the management of our tasks (in my case as CEO) by notably improving the quality of individual and team work. It increased our teamwork efficiency by 60%.”

Jesús Luna Drums: “At the moment, I have managed to start a project that would not have started otherwise, which is no small achievement. I’ve made 5 videos in just over a month! Besides, I notice that I am improving in different aspects and being a little more efficient…  I am delighted!  I am becoming more and more determined, I am taking on inertia, and I have more confidence than ever in my project.”

Writing, Mentions, Features

Free Code Camp : How to turn your open source idea into a unicorn like Red Hat in 5 bold steps
Free Code Camp : Want your project to succeed? Then make sure other people can also profit from your ideas.
Ouishare : The #1 thing open source projects miss to survive
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Mr Mondialisation : Inverser le Crowdfunding pour concrétiser les bonnes idées ?
Usine Digitale : L’entrepreneuriat participatif devrait devenir un outil indispensable à la formulation de solutions innovantes

Speaking Gigs

Ouishare Fest Paris 2015: How to create a successful open source company
Ouishare Fest Barcelona 2015: ¿Es el blockchain la última pieza del puzzle colaborativo?
Ouishare Fest Paris 2016: How to Cut Your Pollution While Growing Economy, Nature & Society


Ouishare | Ideas For Change | Open Source Circular Economy | Les Potageurs
ADEME | SKEMA | Cocolabs | Skavenji | Upcyclick | Alezzi | Prominis
David et Marcel | PG3 | Folklore Agence | Sag Solutions | Estrelab
Jesús Luna Drums | Eliot Belin Photography | Se Cordeiro Art

Results from past consultations

  • Helped the president of a financial and law counseling company go from working 60 hours a week to 40 hours a week, while increasing revenue by 20% in 6 months
  • Upcyclick: Teamwork efficiency performance increased by 60%
  • Ouishare : Got the whole Barcelona collective to gather and create a common strategy
  • Ideas For Change : Create a shared diagnostic of the company which helped and motivated the team to turn their weaknesses in an opportunity to move together in the same direction and execute

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