There are many different ways for you to get involved with Bold And Open:

Recommend a change making idea you think is worth spreading. We’re always looking for new voices and new ideas to support so they can make an even larger change. Through Bold and Open, we take those great ideas and help them gather a community around them — but they start with your suggestions. See all the ways to let us know about the most talented and inspiring people in your network.

Good documentation brings ideas that make change happen to people eager to make the shift. Want to help document projects worth spreading?

Bring Bold and Open to the non-english speaking world.
If you’re a polyglot and you like the articles, you can translate Bold and Open into your own language. I hope these ideas can help you change your community.

Have an idea, feedback or advice on how to improve the project? Would love to hear about it.

Let us know how you’d like to participate, and we’ll get back to you soon: