How much do you charge?

The price varies, depending on how much you need from me. My clients range from “just tell me what to do” types to people who know “I’m not going to get anything done without you,” and everybody in between. So it’s best to call me if you want a quote.

But regardless of your type, I have one goal: to build a strategy and plan that will support your organisation’s goals, as long as these goals are to reinforce your business, spread your purpose and contribute to society and the planet in one way or the other. I’ve helped clients raise tens of thousands of euros in crowdfunding, as well as saved millions of euros and create millions of euros in new business opportunities through their open source strategies. And I have helped nonprofits and public organisations get their ideas to spread to over 60 cities thanks to their community approach.

Conclusion: You’ll find some powerful strategies and tactics to go beyond the current constraints your project suffers from.

How long do your workshops, programs or coaching run for?

It depends. We can have 1 to 2 day workshops for you to prototype a first strategy and see if open source and community building can be a good fit.

Once you’ve validated that there is real potential in this new direction, the training and coaching can take from 3 months to a full year. Here’s why:

1. Building an engaged and productive community takes time. It’s not as fast as setting up a Facebook or Google Ads campaign, but its results work much deeper and much longer.
With more traditional ad campaigns your marketing can run linearly and deliver results pretty quickly. But a community takes time to gather, create trust and foster participation. The good news about this, is that once you’ve done it delivers exponential results that go far beyond any marketing results. People will spread the word, invite others to join, share about what they need, and participate in supporting their peers. But beyond that, you will be able to scale with the community once it joins in. You can invite those who trust you to support your funding efforts, you can hire those among the community who are already doing great things and that have proven skills and cultural fit.
So it takes time to put in place and develop, but once its there its an irreplaceable asset.

2. Gathering and working a community involves changing habits and commiting to a new path. And plain advice won’t do much to develop these habits. It’s impossible to change deeply ingrained leadership
habits we’ve been taught in a few sessions. But believe me, when you’re seeing results each month, the year is going to go by fast!

I see that you’re located in France. Do you help people who live other countries as well?

Yes, of course! I currently have clients and partners spread all over France, United States, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Denmark . Everything I do is effective anywhere you live. We’ll Zoom, talk over the phone, and Whatsapp each other.

Do you have a special price for Non-Profits?

Yes. I have limited free slots each week for activists and non-profits working on spreading and developing their positive impact.

Would love to hear what you’re working on and to find how I can support the work you do.

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