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Below is a collection of my best strategies, tips, tricks and case studies on building open and community-driven businesses, free and all in one place.

Most people make building businesses and tying open source and communities together a lot harder than it has to be.

Openness and community doesn’t have to be hard…once you know what to do.

Below are some blog posts that walk you through how to plan, build, launch and promote your open projects, and how all the moving parts fit together.

For Bootstrappers and Freelancers who want to make a living doing what they believe in:

  1. How to find profitable business ideas you can offer right now.
    We all tend to wait for the perfect idea to start our business, but we all have profitable ideas we can build on right now. This post shows you how to lay out all the ideas you can launch today.
  2. How to validate your business idea without taking risks
    Launching a business can be risky. You can lose lots of time and money preparing and building a product. In this post you’ll find how to validate people are ready to pay you for your idea well ahead you invest much time or money with the ressources you already have.
  3. How to scale your idea’s sales once you validated people are interested
    Once you find an idea that people are eager to pay for, it’s time to find more people who’d like to buy it so that you can build a sustainable business that allows you to create what you believe in. In this post you’ll find the strategies you need to start scaling your early business.

For people creating an open source Strategy

Whether you’re starting or have a thriving business or non-profit, imagine what your organisation would look like if you could engage a community to work with your organisation. By using the Open Business Canvas (in English and in French) you can build a strategy to see how all the moving pieces of opening your business and engaging a community fit together. And below are 6 articles that go through the canvas and share dozens of examples to inspire your own approach.

6 articles to explain each part of the canvas

  1. What can you open source to create impactful and innovative communities?Part 1, Part 2)
  2. How can you gather a community to work with you?
  3. How can you motivate a community to collaborate with you?
  4. How to get the community to spread and enrich your work?
  5. How will you make money if you give your idea away

Great Case Studies, adapted to what you’re working on

And since we’re not all coming from the same industries, here are a few case studies that will show you concrete approaches of how designers, non-profits, software developers or hardware startups are using open source and working with communities to scale their businesses, funding, operations and impact.

For non-profits:

For Software developers:

For Hardware creators:

For designers:

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