What can I do for you?

Bold And Open is actionable business advice for entrepreneurs and companies who want to make money, but that also want to create a future where they create more abundance for themselves, their communities and the environment.  

The site includes in-depth guides and strategies on how to start a business, marketing effectively and ethically, creating new habits and more.

Specifically you’ll find how to find how to integrate community in your business strategy and still achieve your goals. I’ve failed, succeeded and helped others succeed, and this blog gathers the stories and ideas that have helped through my path.

Who am I?

Hey there, I am Jaime Arredondo, and I help businesses improve their performance to create prosperity for themselves and for the world in an open, collaborative and regenerative way.

I work with organisations who want to be a part of good change in the world and be givers not just takers. I help them improve their individual and collective work, and develop practices that can multiply  the impact and value of their efforts by getting communities involved.

Why listen to me?  

I’ve helped increase the performance of startups, solo-preneurs, and companies, as well as advised and been part of some of the most influential open organisations:

  • Danish Design Center: I have been part of the co-creation of the framework used to help small and big Danish Companies transform their Business Models thanks to Open Source.
  • SNCF: I am helping the French Railway Company create the community around OS Railway Designer, an an open source simulation tool anyone can use and enhance in the railway industry.
  • Ouishare: An organisation that builds and nurtures a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.
  • Ideas For Change: Design of intellectual frameworks to help organizations scale their value developing a broader and collaborative mindset.
  • Open Source Circular Economy: Was part of the board of stewards of the OSCE days. I was part of the partner strategy, building relationships with other organizations.
  • Repair Café Nice: I co-founded the Repair Café chapter in Nice. It still runs today with great success.
  • Helped 50+ Organisations: I’ve helped startups, SMEs, public national organisations, freelancers and decentralized and circular organisations to work smarter, not harder by improving their individual and collective performance.

Featured In, Seen Around, Written On:

Free Code Camp | Ouishare | Sharetribe | Opensource.com | Circulate News | Empara | Wevolver
Consumo Colaborativo | Adafruit | Hacker Noon | 1001 Startups | The Startup

Some nice things people have said about working with me:

Ideas For Change: “I would definitely recommend Jaime’s service, the ratio result to time spent is tremendous.”

Upcyclick: “Jaime helped us improve the management of our tasks (in my case as CEO) by notably improving the quality of individual and team work. It increased our teamwork efficiency by 60%.”

Jesús Luna Drums: “At the moment, I have managed to start a project that would not have started otherwise, which is no small achievement. I’ve made 5 videos in just over a month! Besides, I notice that I am improving in different aspects and being a little more efficient…  I am delighted!  I am becoming more and more determined, I am taking on inertia, and I have more confidence than ever in my project.”

More nice things in french…

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