I’m Jaime Arredondo, an international writer, coach and entrepreneur who works on spreading ideas that make positive change happen.

In the past, I’ve worked with organisations of all sizes, public and private, to multiply the impacts of their efforts and investments by creating innovation communities and open source business models since 2013.

Among my clients are the SNCF, ADEME, and Akimbo Workshops,  a project launched by Seth Godin. I’ve collaborated with the Danish Design Center in the creation of tools that enable Danish companies to move to participatory business models. I also collaborate with social entrepreneurial communities such as Ouishare, Open Lande and Ideas For Change in France and Spain. 

My words and ideas have been featured in FreeCodeCamp, The Startup, Ouishare Magazine, Socialter, Circulate News, and more.

And my main project, the one I’m most proud of, and what connects all of the above is my newsletter, where I write about the levers that can help any individual or organisation gather communities that build incredible things.

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Do you want to grow and spread work you can be proud of? Do you want to touch others in a way that they’ll help you cause the change you seek?

Whether you’re launching a new idea that’s useful, grow your business or want to create a change in your industry, I can help you understand how you can spread it and fund it in a way that will make you confident of the next steps to take.

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Please contact me via email with questions or for speaking enquiries.

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