I’ve been lucky enough to work with over 20+ entrepreneurs and organizations to validate their ideas, find clients, sponsors and contributors to create and launch their dream collaborative businesses.

Since August 2013 I’ve worked with collaborative communities, with open source businesses and with social entrepreneurs to launch and promote their ideas and help them build a business and a life that could sustain their collaborative vision.

I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and now I want to help you as well.

You can find below the different services I offer depending on your project, your timing and your budget.

Open Source Content (Free)

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An Hour to talk about getting your idea off the ground

We’ll have a one hour call where I’ll answer all your questions whether it’s:

  • Starting and launching your collaborative business
  • Finding ways to monetize your open source idea
  • Building a community of collaborators
  • Promoting your project through PR
  • Organizing and prioritizing your efforts to maximize your business and aligning it with your life.

Cost: 200€ per one-hour session + pre-call preparation + full video replay + links and documents shared on the call

Guarantee: If you can’t get your money back after applying whatever comes up in this call, you get your money back.

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